Knicker Salad

This is  the Shopify-powered version of that was started in 2007 near Lake Tahoe in California.


PantySalad™ is a family-run business (two fashionista girls & one tech guy).  The goal all along was to create a web site where people could find a giant variety of great-quality lingerie (specifically just panties/knickers) at great prices. Initially, we started on eBay but as we grew, it became clear that their rules and limitations (and costs) were too much.


One big goal was a web site of our own that made it easy to see the front, back and sides of every item. Everyone else makes you click or scroll, but we make it automatic... just sit and watch as every panty is put on a pedestal for you with the same lighting, the same camera, and the same model. 


We are now based in Toronto Canada. All items are stored in a smoke-free, dry home or warehouse to protect from sunlight and wild temperature changes.

We get 90% of our inventory directly from the manufacturers by attending lingerie shows around the world such as Paris France, Las Vegas, and New York City. We order directly from the manufacturer to bring you the best prices possible (though we have to pay taxes and incoming shipping like everyone else).


Our name idea from a music station called Groove Salad on SOMA FM... it's very chill ambient-electronic music... try it here!


We always try hard to please and here's a little of why we are different:

  • 8 shots of every panty on the same model for consistency

  • nobody does the automatic rotating feature like we do

  • only items in stock are visible

  • over 200 brands directly to us from the manufacturer

  • free shipping within the USA & Canada if you spend over $40

  • we rate each panty by VPL risk (risk of Visible Panty Lines)

  • we rate each panty by stretchiness (amount of waistband stretch)

  • every panty is personally chosen by us for quality, materials, and style

  • we call out various forms of bling such as bits of jewelry, garters, ruching, laces, adjustable sides, organic materials, ruffles, keyholes, if it is skirted, has scalloped edges, an open back, is seamless, is for the maternity market, and more.

All items have original manufacturers tags and packaging when possible. We add our own tags or stickers for inventory purposes. All items are new and unused except may be put on a mannequin temporarily for photo purposes.


We ship using a discreet, plain tyvek envelope or box that does not have our name or any indication of what is inside. If a Customs form is needed, we say "clothing". All shipping originates from here and is handled by the post office by air, UPS, or FedEx depending on your choice during checkout. All shipments come with a free gift while supplies last (and we have lots!). 


Payment processing is handled by PayPal for 2 reasons: it's safe for you and it's safe for us. We don't get your card info or any personal details other than your email address, shipping info, and phone # if any issues come up (they never do and we always email first).


We do not rent, sell, or use your email address without your permission. Even if we had your permission, we wouldn't do it!


All prices are in US dollars even though we are based in Canada. Why? Because 95% of our sales go to the US, we have to purchase in USD, and everyone is familiar with USD. For sales in Canada, we still charge USD but we pay the GST and sales tax so it turns out fairly even. We even pay the extra costs to ship within Canada! We can ship to Hawaii cheaper than we can ship to Montreal or Vancouver!  AArgh, eh?!


Hope you have fun shopping and looking around. If you buy something, great!   Most of the money from sales goes straight back into buying more inventory.  If you don't see what you like, let us know?   You can email us at or fill out an anonymous survey here



We promise to only send you good things.